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, 12-15 2017


ղ International Orienteering Competition Onischuk Cup 2017
October 13-15, Kyiv, Ukraine

Competition Schedule

13.10.2017 Middle distance (Vynogradar)
14.10.2017 Long distance (Kozyn)
15.10.2017 Sprint (Voskresenka)

Age Categories

M/W 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, 21, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 75, 80, 85, Beginners (adults), Beginners (boys), Beginners (girls).

Terrain details

Day 1, Middle Distance at Vynogradar (  )

Almost plain terrain with some pits. Pine/oak forest with hazel undergrowth and bramble in some places. A LOT of roads and paths.

Day 1 map example Day 1 map example

Day 2, Long Distance at Kozyn (  )

Sandy terrain with low to moderate relief features. Pine forest, partly clean, partly with visibility lowering undergrowth and fallen trees. A lot of young forest plantations.

Day 2 map example Day 2 map example

Day 3, Sprint at Voskresenka (  )

A forest surrounded by city blocks. Completely plain terrain with pine forest of reduced visibility with a lot of small clearings. Some areas of clean pine/oak forest.

Day 3 map example Day 3 map example

Entry Fees

50-140 UAH (approx. 2-6 USD) per day per person depending on participant age and entry date.


Please contact Viktor Biloshytsky, vicnik@i.ua



Beginners (girls)1470 m8 controls
W101730 m8 controls
W111680 m9 controls
W121980 m9 controls
W132130 m9 controls
W142870 m12 controls
W153630 m12 controls
W163820 m11 controls
W184470 m15 controls
W20 5040 m16 controls
W214070 m15 controls
W21 6530 m19 controls
W355570 m15 controls
W40 W454950 m15 controls
W50 W553980 m17 controls
W602980 m12 controls
W652380 m11 controls
W702150 m8 controls
W752110 m10 controls
Beginners (boys)1700 m8 controls
M101900 m10 controls
M111930 m11 controls
M122930 m12 controls
M133160 m13 controls
M144040 m17 controls
M154240 m13 controls
M164380 m16 controls
M185820 m18 controls
M206080 m22 controls
M214750 m14 controls
M21 7840 m22 controls
M356310 m18 controls
M40 M456210 m21 controls
M50 M554610 m16 controls
M604030 m16 controls
M652970 m13 controls
M702700 m14 controls
M752600 m11 controls
Beginners (adults)3040 m12 controls


Beginners (girls)1680 m8 controls
W101740 m6 controls
W112500 m9 controls
W122520 m10 controls
W132590 m8 controls
W144180 m11 controls
W154220 m10 controls
W165570 m11 controls
W189620 m15 controls
W2010060 m14 controls
W218860 m12 controls
W2111790 m18 controls
W358760 m12 controls
W40, W457920 m11 controls
W50, W556290 m7 controls
W603840 m10 controls
W653740 m10 controls
W702950 m8 controls
W752540 m9 controls
Beginners (boys)1860 m7 controls
M101830 m7 controls
M112560 m8 controls
M122960 m9 controls
M133440 m9 controls
M144480 m11 controls
M155450 m10 controls
M166110 m11 controls
M1810750 m15 controls
M2012570 m15 controls
M2110110 m15 controls
M2117370 m25 controls
M3511940 m16 controls
M40, M459790 m16 controls
M50, M557280 m13 controls
M605650 m11 controls
M654220 m11 controls
M703840 m9 controls
M752950 m10 controls
Beginners (adults)3970 m12 controls


Beginners (girls)1250 m8 controls
W101240 m8 controls
W111260 m9 controls
W121290 m7 controls
W131570 m9 controls
W141830 m14 controls
W152090 m11 controls
W162240 m12 controls
W183020 m11 controls
W203560 m13 controls
W212890 m17 controls
W213650 m15 controls
W353150 m14 controls
W40 W452920 m14 controls
W50 W552250 m12 controls
W601750 m9 controls
W651690 m8 controls
W701470 m9 controls
W751260 m8 controls
Beginners (boys)1490 m7 controls
M101530 m7 controls
M111640 m10 controls
M121680 m8 controls
M131880 m11 controls
M142000 m14 controls
M152290 m14 controls
M162620 m15 controls
M183880 m16 controls
M203900 m17 controls
M213090 m11 controls
M214540 m21 controls
M353910 m13 controls
M40 M453650 m15 controls
M50 M553390 m16 controls
M602840 m13 controls
M651860 m12 controls
M701860 m13 controls
M751430 m10 controls
Beginners (adults)2160 m9 controls